ClimateTrade continues to grow after TeamClimate acquisition


The Valencian startup ClimateTrade does not stop growing, and after the opening of its first headquarters in the United States and the acquisition of the also Spanish company E-verde in 2022, it is taking another step forward and is now acquiring the Austrian company TeamClimate.

Who is ClimateTrade?

ClimateTrade is the world's leading provider of blockchain-based climate solutions. Since its inception in 2018, ClimateTrade has been developing different solutions for all types of companies, which allows them to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. ClimateTrade also offers plug-and-play solutions such as API and Whitelabel for easy integration into customers' systems.

ClimateTrade's project is backed by national and international investors including Wayra (Telefónica), Zubi Capital, Conexo Ventures and Six Fintech Ventures.

Why is this operation important?

The acquisition of TeamClimate not only strengthens ClimateTrade's presence in Europe but, above all, launches it into the consumer market thanks to the products that TeamClimate has been developing and which enable individuals to move towards climate neutrality by promoting more than a dozen verified projects, including the protection of tropical rainforests.

This operation will therefore create synergies from the outset and allow ClimateTrade's technology and expertise to be applied to a new user segment: the private user, who has so much to say in the protection of our planet.

We at Aktion are particularly proud to have been able to support and advise ClimateTrade in this operation! 🚀